Flow Yoga. Yin Yoga. Beginner’s Yoga

slow down … listen to your body … nourish you …

The fires are very close to my residence in Bruthen. My Christmas break has been extended to allow us to recover and recuperate.

Studio reopens Tuesday Feb 11th

Yoga East, Upstairs, 206 a Main Street, Bairnsdale

Yoga East is a fully equipped yoga studio.

Flow Yoga is an active style of yoga that strengthens muscles, increases mobility, improves tone and brings about a deep sense of relaxation in the nervous system. This has been my daily practice for years come and is a mindful dance of movement and breath including core cultivation. Suited to those with some yoga experience (experienced beginner) or more physically able practitioners. Ask me if you are unsure if this class is for you.

Yin Yoga is a quiet meditative pared back practice.  A subtle- body practice, we lean into long slow holds allowing deep connective tissue (fascia) to release and soften. A grounding and centreing practice with ample space to explore the spectrum of the body mind vehicle. 

Yoga Basics: Beginners is a simple slow paced class where we review the foundations of yoga practice each week. Healthy breathing, movements of the spine, basic postures and a focus on key foundation poses. You will be guided through a balanced daily sequence with 3 variations of the practice: standing poses, back bending, and forward folding. Home practice sheets of all 4 sequences will be provided. Completing my Yoga Fundamentals Beginner’s course is recommended.

Block 1: Feb 12th – April 1st



2 classes in 7 days $32


4 classes in 6 consecutive weeks $70

6 classes in 8 weeks $100

10 classes in 12 weeks $160

Passes activate at first class. Passes will automatically activate two weeks from purchase date. No transfers or credits. Extensions may be given if Yoga East cancels classes.

Payment Options:

  • credit card
  • cash
  • Direct Bank Transfer using your mobile phone or ask Margot for details

Respectful mindful conduct

Yoga East is a shared space where peace, happiness, and calmness reside.

Help us keep it this way …

Leave your shoes and worries at the door as you breathe in peace.

Make sure your mobile phones and any other devices are switched off.

All valuables, bags and personal items are to be left in the cubicles inside the yoga studio

Honour the ‘whisper zone’ if a class is currently on. Remember this is a space where we come to relax and enjoy a body-mind respite from our full lives.

Bring a recyclable water bottle to hydrate yourself after your practice.

Let the teacher know before the class if you have any medical conditions injuries or are pregnant that may impact on your practice so suitable modifications can be offered.

Avoid eating 2 hours before class as yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you have a fast metabolism and you are feeling hungry before class then try a glass of juice, a piece of fruit or some nuts/seeds about an hour before class.