align. learn. experience.

Throughout the year, we offer a range of differen courses – Yoga Fundamentals: Beginners Yoga course, Kids yoga, Teenager Yoga, Dark Moon – Yoga for Healthy Menstruation, Pregnancy Yoga, The Pelvic Health Series and Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness practices for Stress Relief and Pain Management. The structure of each course provides you with a progressive  experience allowing you to establish a daily practice with confidence.

Yoga transforms lives, improves health issues, awakens you to the stillness and peace within and provides a window for you to see the true nature of reality. By learning the practice of yoga and meditation you can become aware of and release causes of stress, anxiety and tension that brings about mental, emotional and physical pain. Gift yourself the space to observe your thoughts, feelings and body sensations without judgement and comparison of past experiences or pondering on what could be in the future.

Taking time to observe your mind body connection with yoga creates an inner awareness allowing you to respond and take action to situations in a refreshing new way, rather than reacting out of habitual patterns. Open up to new ways of being, let go of limiting responses, tap into infinite creativity and connect deeply to a sense of peace – truly experience your life.

Term 2: Kids Yoga

April 29th – June 24th

No class: June 10th – Public Holiday

8 weeks

Monday 4.00 – 5.00pm


Fun filled classes with warm ups, games, dance, acrobatics, songs and storytelling to keep children engaged and active. A small group will ensure there is plenty of space for your child to be creative and express themselves without judgement or expectation.

Lydia has created a series of themed classes to engage your child in non-competitive movement games and yoga activities to strengthen their bodies and minds. To help children move through our increasingly fast paced, information saturated  world, simple yoga breathing will be taught along with soothing relaxation practices and techniques to calm and quieten down the mind. Your child will come away with a tool box of skills they can bring into their daily lives.