With extra time and thoughtful guidance, an intensive or workshop can take you further into your yoga practice, deepen your understanding of how yoga actually works, drop you deeper into the present moment, and support you to be a brighter and more radiant you. Margot takes time to theme and thoughtfully plan each workshop/intensive. She draws on 20 years of practising on her mat and years of training to guide you through a creative, awakening and energizing experience accompanied with peaceful soundscapes.


  • Learn about safe and intelligent alignment/technique for your body
  • Understand a group of poses (asanas) e.g. backbends or a style of yoga e.g. Yin, Restorative or a peak pose e.g. inversions – purpose, benefits and where they fit into your practice
  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of yoga
  • Discover how to stay safe and progress in your practice intelligently
  • Integrate and enjoy practices centred around a theme, bhava, philosophy, season, therapy, meridian, area of the body or meditation
  • Move deeper with a longer more intense practice – experience a new approach or shift in your practice
  • Gift yourself time to unravel from daily life – restorative/yin
  • Be part of a community of yogis
  • Shift your neuroplasticity*

*Neuroplasticity is the scientific study of pattern formation and pattern change. When you notice how good it feels to do a pose in an integrated way, rather than a non-integrated way, and start practising like this, you can enable a gradual rewiring of your brain because new neural pathways are being established.

The 5 Elements Series


fire – agni

… spine …

March 3rd

Sunday 1.30 – 4.00pm


Find freedom and let the river of energy flow.

In yoga, the spine is thought to be where Shakti (divine feminine energy) or Kundalini rises up to meet, join and dance with Shiva (divine masculine energy) cannot exist without Shiva and Shiva cannot exist without Shakti.

The spine is a sacred channel along which energy, information and consciousness flow. The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae and when functioning optimally each vertebra can move on its own. Each section, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral, has nerves feeding out into the organs, muscles and tissues helping us to move, heal and communicate. The vertebral bodies act as a support column to hold up the spine and this graceful column supports about half of the weight of our body, with the other half supported by our muscles.

Our modern and full lifestyle can mean that many of us often suffer back pain in the form of aches, discomfort, stiffness and pain. This intensive moves through a selection of side opening poses, forward folds to open the back, back bends to open through the front line and is punctuated throughout with twists to release and move stubborn vertebrae. We finish with a restorative pose to release any residual tension and a short yoga nidra to complete our practice.

Suitable for all including beginners.

The 5 Element Series


air – vayu

… upper body …

Sunday March 24th

1.30 – 4.00pm


When preparing the mind for the subtle nectar of meditative awareness and samadhi, classical yoga place importance on bringing space and relaxation to the neck, shoulders and upper back. Tightness in the chest, upper back, and shoulders impinges flow even before it funnels up through the narrow passage of the neck. Upper body congestion impacts on freedom of movement and expression in the delicate joints and the swirling vortexes of the heart, throat and eyebrow chakras.

The neck is in a precarious role bridging the channel between heart and head, and along with shoulders, upper back and chest is further compromised by modern life where we hunch over computers, drive cars and work with our hands often in a forward folding position. Tightness in the upper body, throat and neck can lead to a reduction in our natural range of movement, sore muscles, headaches and shallow breathing.

While yin yoga traditionally targets the lower body – hips and legs – we can dwell in hip opening positions and twists while working to release the neck. Kneeling, prone or supine positions can assist in elongating and hydrating tissues in the shoulders, chest and upper back. Additionally, side bends and back bends can support a deep release through the upper back, chest and throat. This intensive will finish with meditation as we drink in the elixir of life – the breath – with a relaxed and free upper body.

Suitable for all including beginners.

Neck variations in the hip openers are optional.


“Thank you Margot. The Autumn restorative yoga intensive today was the most peaceful, relaxing, opening one I have participated in. The music, the poses, your awesome and informative narrative and instruction were lovely. My spine feels longer, I felt my breathe and electric energy throughout my body, felt myself melt into the floor and my mum said I looked slimmer when I got home. Amazing. Thank you.”

Sharna Stone

Intensive, Yoga East

“Big thank you to you Margot, for yesterday’s Yoga Workshop. I felt truly full of the joy of life after the restorative poses….my lower back has never been happier.  Janet Planner

Intensive, Yoga East

“Thank you for a wonderful Yoga intensive yesterday. I feel very good today and am enjoying the after-affects.The class was just super. I got so much out of it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I also wanted to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful Yoga space. I found it very comfortable despite being so physically close to others. Your studio looks very inviting and calm and the colours are soft and gentle. The rooms are clean and just a pleasure to be in. I have just booked in to the Dragon dance session and am very much looking forward to it.Thank you once again for a well planned and really lovely class. Looking forward to the next”

Anita Padula

Intensive, Yoga East