Dive deeper …

Gift yourself that little bit of extra space in your full life to truly slow down, lean in and reconnect with your thoughts, feelings and the wisdom of your body. 

Luminous Lunar


Restorative Yoga + Meditation for Women

Sunday Oct 27th

1.30 – 4.30pm



Includes healthy organic sweets and herbal teas


A new moon is the perfect time to reflect, tune in, recharge and create a vision for your goddess path unfolding ahead of you. Come and join in this divine feminine gathering of rest, restoration and quiet relaxation. Open to the invitation from the new moon to slow down, draw inwards and seed a clear intention for the start of a new luminous lunar cycle.

Mother earth is made of 75% water and so are you. The moon moves the tides on Earth and that same tidal pull can be felt in your body perhaps in changes physically or more powerfully in your thoughts and emotion. The strong magnetic pull of the new moon creates a potent moment in the natural lunar cycle to consciously choose the direction you want to move and feel in your life.

Flow through a moving guided meditation stirring the waters of change before settling into guided mantra meditation practice to clear the head and prepare the body for deep relaxation. Nurture your inner world with delightful sweets and herbal teas before tuning into your thoughts and self-talk in restful nourishing restorative poses including an inversion to shift your perspective. Stay present as you listen with inner ears for your heartfelt soul inspiring intention. Complete the afternoon with a guided intention setting meditation.





“Thank you Margot. The Autumn restorative yoga intensive today was the most peaceful, relaxing, opening one I have participated in. The music, the poses, your awesome and informative narrative and instruction were lovely. My spine feels longer, I felt my breathe and electric energy throughout my body, felt myself melt into the floor and my mum said I looked slimmer when I got home. Amazing. Thank you.” Sharna Stone

Intensive, Yoga East

“Big thank you to you Margot, for yesterday’s Yoga Workshop. I felt truly full of the joy of life after the restorative poses….my lower back has never been happier.  Janet Planner

Intensive, Yoga East

“Thank you for a wonderful Yoga intensive yesterday. I feel very good today and am enjoying the after-affects.The class was just super. I got so much out of it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I also wanted to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful Yoga space. I found it very comfortable despite being so physically close to others. Your studio looks very inviting and calm and the colours are soft and gentle. The rooms are clean and just a pleasure to be in. I have just booked in to the Dragon dance session and am very much looking forward to it.Thank you once again for a well planned and really lovely class. Looking forward to the next” Anita Padula

Intensive, Yoga East