Dive deeper …

Gift yourself that little bit of extra space in your full life to truly slow down, lean in and reconnect with your thoughts, feelings and the wisdom of your body.




… the physical body …


Sunday Feb 2nd

1.30 – 4.00pm



“Human beings consist of a material body built from the food they eat. Those who care for this body are nourished by the universe itself. 

Taittiriya Upanishad


This is my first yin intensive in a series of five practices exploring the Koshas or sheaths of our embodiment. The koshas are progressively subtler bodies – body, energy, emotional, wisdom, bliss – that exist in all of us. Each kosha fits into the next like one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls, and each kosha influences the others as they are intertwined and inter connected just like the fascia or connective tissue in your physical body. Only the densest, the physical body, is made of matter; the other four are energy states invisible to the physical eye, though we can easily sense their presence inside us when we pay close attention. 

Begin with a guided meditation inviting you to become aware of the layers of your being or your koshas. Drop down into a yin practice untangling the bones, marrow, gristle, muscle and tissues of your physical body. Progressively release tension and stagnation around the two horizontal structures of your body vehicle – the hips and the shoulders. The shapes are held for around 3 or more minutes and typically the physical sensation of stretching muscles, fascia and joints dominates awareness.  Feel into the potency of ‘rebound’ between shapes, open to your experience of ‘prana’ – vital force – as it circulates through opened channels. Create a deep sense of calm and peace within your mind body intelligence as you to become aware of the subtle energy sheaths inside of you.





Restorative Yoga

… align …

Sunday Feb 2nd

1.30 – 4.30pm


Includes afternoon tea with handmade herb teas

Begin your year with a quiet afternoon of introspection, illumination and intention alignment. Take the time to turn the soil of your being and to listen wholeheartedly to the wisdom arising naturally from the centre of your light well. Make space to tune into the pulse of your heart and t contemplate how to align your life with your deepest yearnings as they emerge organically from the simple practice of being still and quiet.

You are a truly unique, truly magnificent multidimensional creature. Your awareness of your energy being manifests on many different planes known in the yoga tradition as koshas. We all have these five bodies, each made of increasingly subtler grades of energy. The five progressively subtler bodies that compose our personality are described in a yoga classic called the Taittiriya Upanishad. If we wish to live a fully balanced and healthy life, the Taittiriya Upanishad tells us, all our bodies need to be kept in good condition.

Come together in a sacred circle to align your belly, heart and head with an intention setting meditation practice. Margot will guide you through a body weathering practice inviting you to tap into what is present now in your unique body-mind-spirit hemisphere. The restorative practice is simple and pared back with generous holds for each pose. Taking it slowly and attentively, you will be encouraged to relax, release and unwind tension, discomfort or disconnect through each of the five koshas or sheaths.





“Thank you Margot. The Autumn restorative yoga intensive today was the most peaceful, relaxing, opening one I have participated in. The music, the poses, your awesome and informative narrative and instruction were lovely. My spine feels longer, I felt my breathe and electric energy throughout my body, felt myself melt into the floor and my mum said I looked slimmer when I got home. Amazing. Thank you.” Sharna Stone

Intensive, Yoga East

“Big thank you to you Margot, for yesterday’s Yoga Workshop. I felt truly full of the joy of life after the restorative poses….my lower back has never been happier.  Janet Planner

Intensive, Yoga East

“Thank you for a wonderful Yoga intensive yesterday. I feel very good today and am enjoying the after-affects.The class was just super. I got so much out of it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I also wanted to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful Yoga space. I found it very comfortable despite being so physically close to others. Your studio looks very inviting and calm and the colours are soft and gentle. The rooms are clean and just a pleasure to be in. I have just booked in to the Dragon dance session and am very much looking forward to it.Thank you once again for a well planned and really lovely class. Looking forward to the next” Anita Padula

Intensive, Yoga East