Our philosophy

Wholistic Living 

At Yoga East we see yoga as a way of being, a way of life, a refined toolkit for slowing down and deepening our awareness and connection to ourselves. When we see ourselves as we truly are – amazing, unique, peaceful and calm– we see our joys, desires and suffering reflected in others and this shifts how we navigate our relationships to ourselves, to others, to the universe that surrounds us and opens us up to understanding we are all one.

Strong bodies. Happy hearts. Peaceful minds.

We believe every body is a yoga body. Yoga is for you. Yoga is for me. For when yoga is practiced intelligently it supports you in becoming stronger and supple, more relaxed and peaceful, more aware and abundant – that’s right becoming more authentically you. The practices explore, untangle, play and re-envision who we are through attentive awareness of breath, nourishing fluid movement and spacious mindful practices. This helps to strengthen, build stamina, and improve flexibility, supporting balance and resilience on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Yoga East studio emerged from a desire to create a sacred space dedicated to practise of the ancient art of yoga in East Gippsland. Modern life is incredibly rich and full yet many of us would benefit from having a quiet space to retreat to away from the demands of daily life – a space where we can switch off technology, a space to relax and digest, to contemplate and reflect; a space to press the pause button and simply chill out.

This was the seed from which Yoga East grew. It has blossomed into a space that supports people in exploring a healthier and happier life through the practices of yoga and more it has unfurled organically into being a place with a real sense of connection and community. Our yoga offering is about kindness, acceptance, self-study, peace, respect, compassion, and community. But most important yoga is all about connecting to LOVE!

The space

Yoga East is a space dedicated to you, to yoga and to our yoga community.

We have thoughtfully restored the upstairs space of an older style building. We have tried to do this in as environmentally friendly way as possible with the idea of having a clean, uncluttered and inspiring space for you to enjoy.

Our yoga props in the studio and our yoga shop are sourced where possible from sustainable and eco-friendly providers and are made from organic cotton and organic materials. At Yoga East the hand wash, hand cream, cleaning products, toilet paper, business cards and paper are all eco-friendly. Our aim is support the earth by reducing our use of chemicals, plastics and ‘one-time-use’ items that are non-biodegradable. We are interested in bringing yoga to life – off the mat and into the world.

Respectful mindful conduct

Yoga East is a shared space where peace, happiness, and calmness reside.

Help us keep it this way …

Leave your shoes and worries at the door as you breathe in peace.

Make sure your mobile phones and any other devices are switched off.

All valuables, bags and personal items are to be left in the cubicles inside the yoga studio

Honour the ‘whisper zone’ if a class is currently on. Remember this is a space where we come to relax and enjoy a body-mind respite from our full lives.

Bring a recyclable water bottle to hydrate yourself after your practice.

Let the teacher know before the class if you have any medical conditions injuries or are pregnant that may impact on your practice so suitable modifications can be offered.

Avoid eating 2 hours before class as yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you have a fast metabolism and you are feeling hungry before class then try a glass of juice, a piece of fruit or some nuts/seeds about an hour before class.