Private Sessions


Private Classes

Essentially, yoga is a therapeutic practice designed to suit the needs of an individual. A private yoga therapy session is dedicated time with an experienced yoga professional to empower you to achieve your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual goals. Increase your knowledge of how and why yoga works and learn how to apply this understanding through targeted yoga exercises to heal and manage yourself.

By appointment only.

Private sessions take place at the studio in Bairnsdale.


Consultation Details 

Initial Consultation: 1½ hours

Follow up consultation: 1hour

Block of 4 sessions (4 sessions includes an initial 90 minute consultation)

Contact Margot for more information.

Thinking about a private session?

Here are just some of the reasons a personal approach could work for you.

  • New to yoga – how to get started with yoga
  • Rekindle your practice – returning to yoga after a break
  • Develop and sustain a home practice
  • Advance or deepen your practice – assistance with alignment/transition/specific poses
  • Recover from physical injury or illness
  • Approach chronic conditions in a therapeutic holistic way – thyroid, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, arthritis, sciatica etc.
  • Support for sport or athletic training – yoga assists flexibility, strength, range of movement and reduces recovery time
  • Nurture yourself and manage stress, anxiety, depression, menopause and personal growth naturally

What to expect?

At the initial consultation, Margot will investigate and discuss your needs in detail. A short simple home program to suit your lifestyle will be created to target the areas you wish to work on. A worksheet will be prepared on the day for you to take away with you. A follow up appointment is necessary to ensure you understand the different elements of your program and we can change or modify the treatment as required. For optimum results and personalized support, I suggest committing to a regular weekly or monthly session.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, contact Margot to discuss your needs.

Be radiant and energised!


The private yoga sessions with Margot enabled a program that was designed to meet my specific needs and to accommodate my specific health issues. It was exceptional as I was able to try specific poses that were especially designed to address my needs and I felt so comfortable with Margot even when I couldn’t do certain movements. Together we worked out a home program that I really enjoy because I feel so good every time I do the program.


The home program is so flexible that I am able to incorporate the yoga poses into my work day or do a complete practice when I am able to fit it into my busy work life schedule. There was never any pressure to perform only motivating encouragement which I appreciated. Thank you Margot.


I love how I feel after a session at home. It only takes 15 mins to do the program. I notice how much better my posture is and how much more flexible I feel. I love the meditation and the occasional email from Margot with love and encouragement to assist me to keep motivated – my biggest problem!!

Margot is very knowledgeable, and very intuitive and I was very happy with the individual sessions that enabled us to address my individual health needs in privacy. I am happy that I now have a great program to do at home and Margot does the best drawings to remind me of each pose.

I have recommended the sessions to many friends as I value Margot’s kind and caring approach as well as her deep and intuitive knowledge of the human body and yoga.



“I am going FANTASTIC. It’s strange to feel no pain in my back as for months it was “normal” to feel discomfort.. now I know what normal and happy feels like. Thank you. I have done the core work twice and am feeling good about it… it makes me feel like I am getting back in touch with the person I used to be… strong, happy and energetic. Thank you for my soul limbering questions, they are also helping me regain focus on what drives me and what I want from life. . I look forward to learning more and learning more about myself.I have stopped going through the motions of day to day and am getting back in touch with people and venturing out of my comfort zones.thank you for helping me stand tall (literally as well).”

Tash Smith

Private Yoga Classes, Yoga East