Yoga Garden

 Get grounded

rom the moment you plant your first seed, you start a relationship with the earth. Your life is enhanced through a profound relationship with nature and life itself. The way you see yourself and the world changes forever – we begin to rejoice in the shining sun and spinning stars, feel connected to the birds, bees and worms.A garden slows you down, supports you being quiet and calm. It sows its own gift: the knowledge that we are influenced by the seasons, affected by the weather and that we are an intrinsic part of a natural system. We are excited to share our love of gardens and all that evolves and emerges from them

yclical living teaches us to embrace the ups and downs of life. We learn to take nothing personally  especially not the force of life.The idea that we can control other people and things around us is an illusion. Occasionally we when we force our will onto  a situation we get the desired outcome and we may buy into the false belief that we have control.

But truly the only way to be authentically centred is to see the ebb  and flow of life in everything, to see the ebb and flow of life not as something personal but as an from the point of view of life itself.