Shine your light

Wholistic living

Strong bodies

Happy hearts

Peaceful minds

Well hello, we are delighted you found your way here …

When we see ourselves as we truly are – amazing, unique, peaceful and calm – our lives become more abundant, more radiant, more joyful filled with deep meaning and connection to ourselves,  blessed with fulfilling relationships with others and the ecstasy of simply being present in the universe. This is YOGA.

Modern life is incredibly rich and full yet many of us feel fatigued, hurried, disconnected and unbalanced. Having a quiet space to retreat to away from the demands of daily life – a space where we can switch off technology; a space to relax, digest, contemplate and reflect; a space to press the pause button and simply chill out. This is a recipe to thrive.

With years of experience, study and knowledge, let us guide you with grace and sensitivity through practices where you are free to explore, untangle, play and re-envision who you are through attentive awareness of breath, nourishing fluid movement and spacious mindful practices.  Our yoga is about nurture, radical self-care, sovereignty, dignity and compassion.

Yoga is all about connecting to pulse of the universe to LOVE.

LOVE for yourself. LOVE for others. LOVE for the earth.