Embrace Menopause

Hello lovely,

If you are reading this page, you are probably in the midst of change right now, or perhaps approaching menopause, and you are seeking support, information, and answers about what is going on in your body and mind.

You may have read books, googled, talked to your doctor, chatted to girlfriends, sisters, or your Mum yet you have found your way here because you feel you have unanswered questions and unacknowledged feelings about what’s ahead.

Naturally, each woman will experience her wise woman transition in her unique way.

Embracing menopause as a creative and life-affirming experience may not seem possible now as you struggle with the experience physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But you know intuitively this is a profound and potent opportunity, you can sense the power, presence, and possibility of this significant milestone in your life

You are here because you are seeking more from life and know in your bones menopause is a passage to be honoured as the path home to freedom, liberation, and being 100% authentically YOU.

Me Now

I now feel more energised, alive, and comfortable in my skin than ever before.

I am thriving in life, that’s right, thriving not just surviving. I sleep through the night, wake up refreshed and inspired, maintain my weight, and feel like myself again only much better.

My inner child came out to play and I rediscovered creative activities I used to love.

My whole body and brain rewired through menopause resetting my priorities around my health and well-being and realigned my personal relationships and work life.



It wasn’t like that to begin with. I just wanted the uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms to go away. I wanted to get on with my busy life.

I wanted natural solutions but there was so much information out there.

But as I learned about how my body was changing especially my hormones, I realised how integral hormonal balance is for menopausal women, and ultimately their physical vibrancy, mental clarity, and capacity to age well. With clear strategies in place, it wasn’t long before the physical symptoms started subsiding.

Super Empowering

I felt like myself again and took back control of my body and my life.

WOW A HUGE improvement in the quality of my life


While this was a much celebrated shift, I still hadn’t dealt with my emotional well-being.

Strong emotions were erupting and there was nowhere to hide.

What I needed was a personal mentor, a knowledgeable woman who could guide me, and to be in circle with women going through the same experience. I didn’t want to be alone.

I felt exposed and vulnerable.

And reaching out for help was a huge step for me as I am the kind of woman who likes to be in control of her life. I don’t like to appear weak or needy but I really needed friends on the journey.

With personalised emotional support, I was able to see myself more clearly and release old habits and patterns – it was like shedding my skin. Having the courage to move through my emotions opened the door to expressing my needs gracefully not with anger or sadness.

Now I am crystal clear about my direction in life, and diving into being 100% authentically me with no apologies.


Menopause is a journey of initiation, a profound opportunity to learn about ourselves and our power and to gain wisdom. It is a path to building wellness and joy for an abundant second half of our lives.

That is why I have created my transformational program Embrace Menopause – How to journey through menopause as a creative and life-affirming experience without relying on medication and feeling overwhelmed.

I developed my ‘Feminine in Sync with Nature Approach’ to support you with a suite of tools to create your personalised Women’s Well-being Plan for perimenopause, and the same tools can be used to craft your well-being plan for the rest of your life.

The Program

In the program, you will explore the 8 stages of the menopause journey with the intention of deepening your connection and understanding of yourself, with the intention of broadening your knowledge of what is happening with your hormones, and your body, and with the intention of exploring and celebrating the gifts and awakening that comes with menopause.

  • Is an 8 module program – it’s on demand, you can do in your time, at your own pace
  • Offers a unique wholistic ‘Feminine in Sync with Nature Approach’ designed specifically for the hormonal shifts during perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause
  • Educates you about the changes in your body during menopause from a scientific basis
  • Offers practical strategies and techniques to help you address the root cause of your symptoms
  • Celebrates you with self-love rituals for caring for your body, mind and soul
  • Provides emotional and spiritual guidance for your passage to power from a yoga perspective
  • Includes weekly breathing, meditation and yoga nidra practices
  • Provides creative tools for you to explore your journey into your wise woman years
  • Includes a private weekly women’s coaching circle, where women can come together to receive support, encouragement and answers (via Zoom)
  • Has a private Facebook group for inspiration, information and connection