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Gift yourself that little bit of extra space in your full life to truly slow down, lean in and reconnect with your thoughts, feelings and the wisdom of your body.


 Moon Circles

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Feminine Yoga

A feminine approach to yoga honours a woman’s unique physical, mental and emotional needs. My moon circle series celebrates the way women’s bodies and lives are cyclical, circular and tuned into mother nature. Adopting the moon as a metaphor for the different stages of a woman’s menstruation cycle and the different phases of a woman’s life, these yoga practices reflect the ever changing, flowing and fluid nature of being a woman. Unlike men women experience many more hormonal fluctuations every month and throughout their life cycle.

A feminine approach to yoga focuses on working with your body not against it, moving in a softer and less linear fashion. Unravel the myriad ways that yoga can support you in achieving optimum health and vitality throughout your life.

Each practice contains:

  • A short presentation – addressing the significance of cyclical living for women for optimal hormone balance, health and wellbeing.
    • Part 1: For women who are menstruating – what is happening in each phase? How to support yourself?
    • Part 2: For women experiencing the shift from their reproductive years into their crone or Queen years – How to use the same moon circle model as a way to stay on track in all areas of your life? Ideas and suggestions on how to create rituals and routines of self-love?
  • A specific yoga practice for each moon phase
  • An appropriate creative guided meditation or short yoga nidra for each practice

Pick an individual class that suits you $20 or come along for the whole Moon Circle series $65.

Each practice is inclusive for all women no matter where you are in your life cycle, moon cycle or current yoga embodiment.


Moon Circle

Full Moon


June 6th Saturday 1.30 – 3.30pm

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When the moon is rising she becomes increasingly fuller and more resplendent bathing the world in her silver light. The rising full moon energy is all about receptivity and expression. You may notice that you too become more energetic, outwardly focused and more inclined to go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Free flowing, expressive dance yoga movements naturally reflect your innate joy and intuitive creativity at this time of the month.

Embrace your feminine side as you flow freely and intuitively, and feel what happens when you let go of practising with a masculine approach of tension, control and force which emphasises alignment and achievement.

Embody the lunar feminine qualities of gentleness, flow, sensuality, receptivity, softness and succulence.  When you allow yourself to flow naturally, you are carried into the river of Shakti – the divine feminine life force. This energy courses through your bodies and activates your radiance and deep wells of inner strength and power. This practice emphasises circular fluid movements in standing, sitting and reclining restorative poses. Tap into your feminine intuition and come down to earth to counter the rising energy of the full moon.

Moon Circles

Waning Moon


Saturday  June 13th 1.30 – 3.30pm

“During the waning cycle following the full moon the body, mind and spirit also wanes. A woman naturally yearns for quietude and resolve. At this time, you can do serene practices such as meditation, journalling, drawing, painting, fasting and other heart opening activities that build ad strengthen your inner harmony.”

Maya Tiwari – Women’s Power to heal through Inner Medicine.

After the intense energy of the Full Moon she begins to wane and feels natural to be less outwardly focused – heed the call to go inwards and nourish yourself. This relaxing, holistic and feminine practice supports optimum hormonal health and balance by calming your mind and nervous system, by gently stimulating your energy, and by rinsing your internal organs (liver, kidneys and adrenals).

During a woman’s waning phase of her menstrual cycle the levels of oestrogen and progesterone in the body drop down considerably. This reduction in the key female sex hormones also occurs in women going through perimenopause and menopause as a natural part of a woman’s life cycle. These fluctuations in female hormones can be experienced as moodiness – anger, irritability, agitation, bloating, tiredness, aches and pains, and food cravings. It is natural and nourishing

Because this is a waning moon lunar practice, you will be encouraged to move consciously and quietly through a series of fluid sequences with full breath awareness. The rhythmic and gentle floor movement gives way to a grounding yin sequence inviting space, stillness and self-reflection.

Moon Circles

Dark Moon


Saturday  June 20th 1.30 – 3.30pm


This is your time to ‘lush it up’ with a gentle, restorative yoga practice so go ahead and create a sacred space for yourself, light some scented candles, play some soothing music, and turn off your mobile phone. Embrace a self-love ritual of truly slowing down and feeling into your current wave of being. This practice is designed to soothe and balance feminine hormones.

If this coincides with your bleeding time then NOW is the perfect time to slow down and tune into any concerns that require your attention. All poses will be appropriate and safe for you. During this phase of your cycle you are more receptive to deep states of relaxation and meditation than any other time.

For women transitioning through the gateway of menopause and beyond quiet time can soothe and support hormonal balance, immunity and gift you space to digest feelings and emotions. And for those women, like myself, who have passed through the portal to their Wise Woman years allow this quiet interior space give rise to inspiration and creativity to envision, create or be the most authentic version of YOU.

Moon Circles

Waxing Moon


Saturday June 27th 1.30 – 3.30pm

As the sap rises coursing through the waterways of your body map rise up and greet the dawn of spring. Spring is a time of inspiration and movement, a time to birth new projects and envision new ways of being, moving and flowing.

The inclusion of both yin and yang postures helps cultivates balance in the koshas of the yoga body as you enter your Spring. The practice focuses on rinsing, wringing and massaging the digestive system for a delicious spring clean. A slow-paced awakening sequence creates a sense of steadiness and presence to remind us to turn inward, reflect, and consciously prepare to renew. Whether transitioning from one yoga pose to the next, moving from the action of a yang sequence to the stillness of a yin sequence or sliding from winter to spring, lingering in the moments in between encourages us to slow down, move with awareness, and find the yoga within each moment.

Interestingly, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view menopause as a woman’s ‘second spring’ and reflects the newfound life that is possible for her as she enters a stage of her life where she can move her energies away from nurturing others and finally direct them towards nurturing herself.




“Thank you Margot. The Autumn restorative yoga intensive today was the most peaceful, relaxing, opening one I have participated in. The music, the poses, your awesome and informative narrative and instruction were lovely. My spine feels longer, I felt my breathe and electric energy throughout my body, felt myself melt into the floor and my mum said I looked slimmer when I got home. Amazing. Thank you.”

Sharna Stone

Intensive, Yoga East

“Big thank you to you Margot, for yesterday’s Yoga Workshop. I felt truly full of the joy of life after the restorative poses….my lower back has never been happier. 

Janet Planner

Intensive, Yoga East

“Thank you for a wonderful Yoga intensive yesterday. I feel very good today and am enjoying the after-affects.The class was just super. I got so much out of it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I also wanted to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful Yoga space. Your studio looks very inviting and calm and the colours are soft and gentle. The rooms are clean and just a pleasure to be in. I have just booked in to the Dragon dance session and am very much looking forward to it.Thank you once again for a well planned and really lovely class. Looking forward to the next”

Anita Padula

Intensive, Yoga East