Meet Margot

Margot Porter

Women are cyclic by nature flowing in tune with the natural rhythms of the moon, the seasons, and their feminine life cycle. When you honour this connection, you are nourishing your life and body from a deep inner well of strength, vitality, and joy.

A feminine approach to your life and yoga practice respects your cyclical nature and reflects your innate right to a life of freedom, creativity, and self-expression.

In conversation with women, I often hear a heartfelt yearning for a spiritual connection to mother earth and themselves, a desire to feel into what it means to be a woman in all her resplendent beauty.

By embodying feminine qualities of sensuality, receptivity, softness, and succulence, you allow yourself to be carried into the river of Shakti (feminine life force energy) that courses through your inner landscape activating your power, radiance, and ability to be 100% authentically YOU.

Flow freely, intuitively, express your femininity, and feel what happens.

I Offer:

  • Embrace Menopause (online program)
  • Yin and restorative intensives for women
  • Women’s retreats


Margot has been practicing and studying the art of yoga from a range of traditions in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.

Curious, quirky, and intuitive, Margot is a creator, a writer, a mandala maker, an artist, and a gardener who draws inspiration for her classes, workshops, and retreats from the rich teachings of nature.

An experienced teacher and lifelong student, she communicates and connects easily sharing her experience and knowledge of embodied consciousness with joy.

She is enraptured with the alchemy of Yoga to shift, soothe and heal us from within and is driven to help others open the door and truly know the complex, intricate and astonishing landscape within.

Margot is the founder and principal teacher at Yoga East in Bairnsdale, Victoria. A level 2 registered teacher (500RYT) with Yoga Australia, Margot has over 1200 hours in Yoga Teacher Training and is currently immersed in the Tantric embodiment practices of Prana Vinyasa TM Teacher training with Shiva Rea and Delamay Devi.

Constantly evolving, she teaches women’s empowerment and yoga workshops and hosts 2 ‘Wise Woman’ retreats in Australia.

Thank you Margot for a profoundly beautiful day today! It was an honour and a privilege to sit with a wonderful group of women and to be a part of something so special and so beautiful; to hear the voices and the stories of others and to be a part of such an important shared experience. Thank you for your wisdom, courage. leadership and your voice; for taking the plunge to initiate something so vital for all women. I love the Goddess Circle. It is a wonderful and beautiful initiative! I will definitely be coming again!

Thank you too for my beautiful flowers! I was very touched to receive them and they are bringing me infinite joy!

From one ‘Wild Woman’ to another, my deepest gratitude


Heartfelt. Margot’s teachings feel like they come straight from her heart to her students. Having said that, Margot is very knowledgeable and it is obvious that she must put a lot of time and preparation into each of her classes, workshops, and retreats.

Margot’s always structures her classes so we get the most out of them. Margot tailors her sessions to not only the yoga poses but with our current season or lunar phase in mind. Margot explains how these influences show up in our lives and affect our minds and bodies. This is beneficial to me because it helps me understand the benefits of each pose and the effects it has on my body and wellbeing.

Margot has a great gift for imparting knowledge and making it feel both sincere and fun. She is competent, professional, humble, sweet, funny, and caring. Margot’s classes are so positive.

I always get the most out of my classes with Margot and feel like I must get special attention. But at the end of class, I see others go up to Margot to praise and thank her. I’m never lacking and leave each class with an “oh, I needed that”.

Lisa Barson

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Margot’s teaching in a range of ways: in classes, through workshops, at intensives, and on retreats. The thing that shines through all of these settings is the depth of her knowledge and the care she puts into sharing it. Everything Margot does as a teacher is informed by her deep understanding of anatomy and physiology alongside yoga philosophy and practices. Her great skill is in weaving all of her knowledge together so that every choice she makes as a teacher and every cue she gives her students is considered and informed. This level of care and insight is rare. Margot is never heavy-handed in sharing her wisdom. Instead, she offers clear and meaningful explanations for the practices she teaches, allowing her students to learn about the systems and processes of their bodies and the benefits that yoga brings them. And she does all of this with grace and humour and humility, which means that the learning is both effortless and enjoyable. I am grateful for everything I have learned from Margot. I know I can trust what she says because she is diligent in her research and learning. I value her profound understanding, her inclusive and engaging teaching style, and her wise and delightful presence as a teacher.

Caitilin Punshon