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Be nourished. Relax deeply. Restore clarity.
See your path in a new light.

Elemental Goddess

Yoga Retreat

June 2nd – 8th, Ubud, Bali, 2019


It’s really difficult to put into words how wonderful the experience of the elemental goddess retreat is. I keep having to remind myself it wasn’t a dream! The week in Bali with you and trusty Marc, and the rest of the group was like being cradled in a loving family. It surpassed any expectations I had in a full mind-body-spiritual sense. The yoga and meditation was immersive and healing. The food was a rainbow of deliciousness and health. The company was supportive and nurturing. I felt I learnt a lot about myself, how I hold myself back and my habits. I came away feeling so positive and like my life had purpose and clear about those things in a way I had never felt before. It was a very special and inspiring week which brought me closer to my self, my body, my mind and my soul – if those are four separate things!!!

Erica Fairhurst, United Kingdom

Elemental Goddess Yoga Retreat, Bali, 2019

My experience of Margot’s Elemental Goddess retreat in Bali has been life-changing. Margot truly lives her yoga practice and benefiting from her teaching, support and joy was well-worth the trip from the UK! Every minute of every day was beautifully thought through to give us lovely experiences & space for much needed reflection. I miss the incredible vegan food we had, but have returned home with renewed tenderness towards my family relationships, a daily meditation practice & certainty about my direction. Thank you Margot – you & Mark are a dream team.

Lulu Crosthwaite Eyre, United Kingdom

Elemental Goddess, Yoga Retreat, Bali, 2019

‘Margot’s yoga retreats are amazing! I feel cherished and well-looked after. Each day the yoga is diverse and is instructed in a fun, light and playful way that helps participants to listen to their bodies and only do what they feel capable of. I left Margot’s retreat feeling relaxed, refreshed and kinder to myself.’


Maria Marino, Australia

Elemental Goddess Yoga Retreat, Bali, 2019

Thank you sooo much for putting such effort and thought into a wonderful retreat. I enjoyed it greatly.. met some amazing women, ate incredible food and experienced uplifting and energising yoga. I am still feeling the positive effects mentally and I’m working on making this continue.

Pam Matthews, Australia

Elemental Goddess Yoga Retreat, Bali, 2019

This retreat has been a wonderful experience , the yoga, meditation and mantras have been enlightening, I have learnt so much from the practices. The food was exceptional!! Praise to all the chefs and helpers. The walking was lovely with spectacular views and interesting information along the way. Loved, loved loved the massage!! it was lovely to have poems read to us and the workshop was fun and food for thought. The accommodation and location – perfect. Awesome job and congratulations to all. Love and peace.
Caroline Melhuish, Australia

Alpine Yoga and Walking Retreat, 2018

The mix of structured program and free time was good. Yoga was varied challenging and took us from place to place through the elements. Walking was a beautiful addition and allowed us to connect to the elements taking the experience of the elements to a deeper level. Food was amazing, generous, nourishing and made with love and a true reflection of Margot and Marc and your unique gifts you shared so generously with us. It was  a beautiful combination that you both reflected throughout the retreat. The down to earth attitude  meant that there was growth for the participants without overt spirituality or guru-ness. I have trouble journaling but love the mind stretch of different ideas and thoughts. Thank you for time out for me and inner reflections in this unique environment was a gift received with thankfulness. Blessings and love to you both.
Margie Barrett- Poole, Australia

Alpine Yoga and Walking Retreat, 2018

Margot and Marc

For the beautiful healing space – thank you. for the nourishing food – thank you. For the permission to be where I was and who I was in the moment – thank you. For the wisdom, play, guidance, clarity, ease, nurturing and love – thank you, thank you, thank you. You both make the world a better place. With love. Chris

Chris Varney Clark, Australia

Alpine Yoga and Walking Retreat, 2018

Great venue with a lovely yoga space. A good variety of yoga, mantra and new things. I enjoyed the walks enormously and the shinrin-yoku added another dimension which I will include both in the garden, at home and when i visit new places. The food has been an enlightenment and delight. I am in awe of the amount of time and effort that you have put into the organising of this retreat. it was wonderful to have massages available and I am glad that I had the second one. 3 word mantra was fascinating, again adding another dimension to the week. I can honesty say that I would not have changed anything. Thank you.
Clare Mariott-Smith, Australia

Alpine Yoga and Walking Retreat, 2018

The care, consideration and incredible expertise shared by all the members of the team have made this a truly beautiful and special experience. To be here in this lovely environment and to be staying in such great accommodation has created a solid ‘earth’ for the retreat. The flow of the week’s events and activities has been the water. the passion that each member of the team has for the work they do is the ‘fire’. The connection and energy between retreatants has been the ‘air’ that enabled the expression of thoughts, responses and ourselves. All of this, together with nourishing food, nourishing movement, nourishing conversations and moments of reflection, love created in the ‘space’ that has enabled us to stretch, to relax, to wonder, to explore, to deepen, to question and to be (not ‘do’) ourselves. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for everything.
Caitilin Punshon - Artful Words - 3 Word Mantra workshop presenter, Australia

Alpine Yoga and Walking Retreat, 2018