Women's Programs

Women are cyclic by nature flowing in tune with the natural rhythms of the moon, the seasons, and their feminine life cycle. When you honour this connection, you are nourishing your life and body from a deep inner well of strength, vitality, and joy.

A feminine approach to your life and yoga practice respects your cyclical nature and reflects your innate right to a life of freedom, creativity, and self-expression.

In conversation with women, I often hear a heartfelt yearning for a spiritual connection to mother earth and themselves, a desire to feel into what it means to be a woman in all her resplendent beauty.

By embodying feminine qualities of sensuality, receptivity, softness, and succulence, you allow yourself to be carried into the river of Shakti (feminine life force energy) that courses through your inner landscape activating your power, radiance, and ability to be 100% authentically YOU.

Flow freely, intuitively, express your femininity, and feel what happens.


Margot Offers:

  • Embrace Menopause (online program)
  • Yin and restorative intensives for women
  • Goddess circles
  • Online yoga classes for women
  • Women’s retreats