Growing Greens

Let’s start with something really easy to grow and that tastes amazing!

Leafy Greens can you ever get enough of them. Cooked or raw they are truly delicious and great for you. Needless to say I love leafy greens and wonder sometimes why I am not green with the amount of greens I eat. I probably eat a couple of cups or more of leafy greens a day – for breakfast, lunch, dinner in smoothies, juices – all over the place.

Leafy greens are a packed with vitamins and minerals – calcium, vitamin C, beta carotene. They are rich in fibre and help keep you feeling full controlling your hunger. By slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates they can reduce sugar cravings. The fibre in leafy greens are useful in sweeping out your bowel and making sure you stay regular. They also contain lots of water helping to keep you hydrated and assists with healthy skin and hair.

greens growing

Spinach, lettuce, kale, silverbeet, collards and asian greens like wongbok, pak choy are easy to grow either in a pot or the garden. To grow in a pot get the best potting mix you can afford or if growing in the garden use lots of compost. Get the kids and grand kids involved they will love it. To plant either buy seedlings for quicker results or grab some seeds (follow instructions on packet).