Miso Dressing

Spice up your salads or cooked greens with extras like nuts and seeds, chilli, edible flowers, herbs, and sprouts. Get creative with dressings. My favourite at the moment is miso dressing with all its probiotic goodness (miso and apple cider vinegar). Probiotics are great for your digestion and can be squeezed into your food in all sorts of ingenious ways.

From My Yoga Garden – Lettuce, tahitian limes, herbs and edible flowers

Tahitian limesMiso Dressing

250ml of extra virgin olive oil
60 ml of organic apple cider vinegar
60 ml of sesame oil
60 ml of miso
1 tablespoon of tamari
1 tablespoon of lime juice
Black pepper

Put all the ingredients into a jar and shake baby shake!
Use as a salad dressing or drizzle over steamed greens.